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Taste – This is self explanatory, and of course my reviews are completely subjective. Other factors are how hungry I am, overall mood, time of day, and consistency (or inconsistency) of the cook. Taste is defiantly the most important category. If a sandwich has a good taste rating it usually helps my attitude towards the other categories.

Presentation – A piece of parsley or a plate can go a long way. Breakfast burritos just have to be wrapped right to get my approval. Usually if it looks good it is good. ‘Usually’ being the operative word. Plating isn’t everything, but I do appreciate when the cook goes the extra mile.

Atmosphere – Having a good atmosphere doesn’t mean marble statues and crystal chandeliers. This is Grease Week and I will not, I cannot discredit a place for being a dump. If there’s a line of hungry patrons, some kind of buzz, and or an overall good scene, it’s a good atmosphere.

Service- Service can be factored a couple ways: A sit down joint means you’re gonna be dealing with a server. While the walk-up means dealing with a cashier who may also be preparing your food as well. If the servers are jerks, that’s fine, as long as they’re organized. And if they’re slow and not all together, that’s okay too, as long as they’re nice.

Value – Value does not mean the cheaper the better. I can get a great pastrami sandwich with all the fixins for 12 bucks, or I can get twelve double cheeseburgers from McDonald’s. While the latter option is about 3-4 times more food, you have to ask yourself is it really worth it? The Father’s Office has a very pricey burger. Is it worth it? I think so. While the Home Depot’s cart guy has a really cheap pastrami sandwich. Is that worth it? I wouldn’t wish it up my worst enemy.

Grease Factor - This being GreaseWeek, greasy offerings are certainly encouraged and always sought after. Grease is the lifeblood of the website. It’s the energy that runs through my veins, and the lubricant on the chain of my bike. Grease is what it’s all about, and while some may think it’s excessive, gluttonous, and unhealthy, I say bring it on, I’ll burn it off. I say the greasier the better.