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GreaseWeek is a website dedicated to the best (and sometimes worst) eateries Los Angeles has to offer. Like any other food blog, I eat food and I write about my experience. What separates Greaseweek from the other sites is that I make it a point to ride my bike to the places that I review. The reasoning behind this is to have some sort of accountability for all of the foods I’m going to consume. Which is good since my website is not exactly focusing on salads and steamed vegetables. So if there’s a good breakfast burrito in Pasadena I want to do a review on, I’m riding there to get it. Plus there’s no better way to get a feel for L.A. and all its neighborhoods, than off the freeways, out of the car, and on two wheels mixing it up in the streets. All the greasy food is not exactly going to make me turn into Lance Armstrong, but all of the riding will also prevent me from turning into a big fat dynamo. Basically I just want to have my pastrami sandwich and eat it too.

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